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Customers can sign up with a text, QR Code, kiosk or with an easy sign up widget for your website

Reward Your Customers

Increase your Repeat Customers by up to 72% with special offers and a digital loyalty program

Increase Sales with SMS

Returning Customers spend an average of 67% more! Stop wasting time and money on acquisition

How can SMS Marketing Increase Sales & Get Repeat Customers?

Our powerful SMS Marketing service connects with and engages your customers - automatically

Build Your Fan Base

The CoGoText SMS management platform gives you the tools you need to view and connect with your customers.

Our service gives you the ability to manage groups based on interests, days/times they normally visit and more, ensuring that your customers only receive the most relevant information. Automatically send customized messages to entire groups or one-on-one with your most loyal customers!


Group Messaging

Send automatically personalized messages to all of your SMS subscribers. And drive up customer engagement exponentially as you promote deals, discounts, specials, events, and more!

SMS Polls

Find out exactly what your customers want and don't want! Figuring out your customers doesn't have to be so difficult after all.

With just a simple click, you've got an instant line of communication between you and the customer. Find out which menu items people prefer, what products people would rather buy - whatever you want to know, just ask!


Digital Loyalty Programs

With CoGoText, punch cards have finally become a thing of the past. Our cloud-based service handles all of your loyalty program needs - so it's easily accessible, anytime, anywhere.

Digitizing your loyalty program is one of the most sure-fire ways to keep your customers coming back for more.

Full Automation

You never have to miss a single beat with automated messaging. Personally welcome and welcome back your customers. Send personalized birthday greetings with a special offer. And easily schedule messages for anything from event reminders to notifications for upcoming sales.

Preset your messages to send at any interval, and at any time. With our SMS system, you can easily setup an entire campaign in no time - but you might want to increase your stock!


SMS Marketing is the most effective form of direct marketing, giving you a platform to directly tap into your customer base with the devices they use the most

Better than Email

Eliminate spam filter woes and communicate with cusomers instantly. 90% of text messages are read within 5 minutes!

Constant Connection

Get access to your customer wherever and whenever through the power of mobile.

Reach Customers Worldwide

Immediately engage across hundreds of countries worldwide.

Industry Solutions

Restaurants, Cafes, Bars, Retail, Salons & Spas, Doctor's Offices, Real Estate Agents, Schools, Non-Profits, and much more

Restaurants & Cafes

Getting effective SMS marketing in the restaurant industry is simple. Just use our powerful system to keep your customers up-to-date on menu specials and deals, and even try out targeted rewards to really keep them satisfied. Let your customers know what's going on and ensure that they keep coming back.


Marketing retail is complicated. There's a lot of products and materials, and we know it can get overwhelming. That's why our SMS service is your all-purpose solution for all your marketing problems. Gain the flexibility to target all of your customer segments automatically and digitally.

Salons & Spas

SMS marketing gives spas and salons quite the edge over the competition. Retaining customers is a pretty important priority, and our service has exactly what spas and salons need to do it effectively. We've got text notifications for deals, events, appointments, and more!

Fitness Centers

We know you already have your memberships paid for, but it just so turns out that SMS marketing is one of the very best ways fitness centers can keep their clients engaged. Promote special events and member communication as you take advantage of SMS engagement to keep your membership retention up.

Doctor's Offices

Patient communication and office management is totally streamlined with our service. Account for all of your appointments and prioritize your customer interactions with our accessible interface. Send appointment confirmations, cancellation notifications, and communicate with your patients automatically. Our service gets your schedule running at maximum efficiency.

Real Estate Agents

Want to drive more traffc to your open house? Send bulk SMS remiders to all your current prospective home buyers automatically! Easily create a landing page with photos or include a link from the MLS with property information and photos.

Manage Your Campaigns Anywhere

Our cloud-based, fully responsive dashboard allows you to have full access to manage your campaigns anytime, anywhere. Perfect for any business - its professional power optimized for maximum usabilty.

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